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Efendibey Admin Application

This is the admin portal for Efendibey website. We have used AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) to allow/control resources for the admins, managers and bakers at the shop.

The admin portal essentially expedites the cake-ordering process for the bakers at the shop as opposed to a user who has to go through a number of steps for entering details on the website for the same. The baker can also see his upcoming cake-orders’ details and their status.
But for the manager the admin portal gives from the bird’s eye view to the very detailed statistics of the cake-orders. For example, the manager can
– Track which flavors are selling faster in a particular season.
– Compare sales of a particular time period this year with respect to the same last year.
– Compare sales based on mode of payment. Cash/PayPal/Bank Transfer.
– Track past and future ‘Table Reservations’ and ‘Event Reservations’ at the shop.
– Track if there are any delayed orders, due payments etc.

Basically, the manager can track all the activities going on in the shop on any given day.

Using AWS Cognito Service we were quickly able to offer role based access and admin has 360 view of the entire business.

Key Technologies Used

We used the latest Technology to develop the Admin app that are as follows
  • AngularJS 9.
  • Node JS
  • CharJS
  • AWS Cognito
  • mongoDB
  • PM2
Project details