Our Process
Execution is everything. Find out how we provide you a Risk Free onboarding experience for your remote staff. Our unique implementation strategies and talent sourcing allow us to provide exceptional talent at affordable prices.
How It Works: A 14-day Onboarding Process
Digiklug is committed to providing quality virtual employees to you, in a time efficient manner. We have a 14-day onboarding guarantee, designed to help you staff quickly. A 3-day risk-free Virtual Employee trial period is embedded in our process to allow you to truly love our service before you buy.
DAY - 0
After our brief discovery call, you send us a job description(s) of your Virtual Employee requirements
DAY 1-5
We use our proprietary software systems and partner networks to begin the search for candidates. Our current employees are also considered for the roles at hand.
DAY 5-10
Candidates undergo testing and paid training.
During this phase, candidates' skills are tested, weaknesses are identified, and plans are made on their development.
The candidate's strengths and weaknesses are outlined for the new client.
DAY 11-13
Final candidates for hire are sent for a free 3-day virtual training
This is a trial period for the client. It ensures that Digiklug upholds its commitment to quality.
The client has to say “yes” before we start billing them.
DAY 14
Official onboarding of virtual employees
Needs Assement Plan
Digiklug Transition Management prepares needs assesment plan
Assesment of positions, Job description, Reporting structure
Transition Plan Preparation
Transition Manager prepares workflow and transition
The staff is trained and introduced to the staff at client location
Staffing & Training
The in-house staff with qualification and skill is trained as per the Needs Assesment Plan
Communication of the Needs Assesment Plan and job requirement to off shore Operation Manager
Transition & Execution
Work is assigned to the staff on a trial and training basis.
Feedback and changes made if necessary
Implementation and Total Integration
Once the staff on both client and Digiklug is comfortable with the performance, total integration is completed
Periodic evaluation and feedback is obtained from the client
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