End-to-End Digitalization
End-to-End Digitalization
When we at Digiklug Solutions, begin to develop a business process, our objective is inline with the clients’ perspective. Our team focuses on precisely identifying the customers’ expectations and needs. A thorough requirement analysis helps us to understand the needs of the end users to translate them into corresponding solutions and support the online experience. We believe in user-friendly interfaces, constant availability, and customized services. This helps us with the desired results or achievement that lead to value for the customer.
With the IT industry experts with more than decades of experience in its workforce, Digiklug Solutions is able to offer end-to-end digitization be it simple order to cash scenario or any other business process we have experts who can provide state of the art solution to your business.
We have proved ourselves by digitizing the cafe and patisserie in one of the metro cities of Germany. The shop is located at the city center and had no online business until 2017. We had a long term engagement with the client and over a period of two years the client was able to see the benefit of the online presence and also the improvement in the process. For sure we had some hiccups in the process but following the agile implementation process we were able to learn from our mistakes and were able to improve continuously. Today the client has 4 applications cake ordering application, online menu, cake ordering admin application and online menu admin application. All the cake orders are digitally placed the bakers(konditors) are able to see the amount of cake to be prepared for the next day and can already prepare for the ingredients.
We have developed kanban board for the bakers so the employees at the shop know which cake are in progress and which cake has already been prepared. Please read our digitization blog for Efendibey Patisserie and cafe that depicts the complete business case and implementation details.
Unlike other mobile app development companies, we don’t just list down your requirements. We reduce the complexity of your project by understanding and adjusting your business processes, integrating with existing systems, and securely exposing business data.
What We Did
The Digitalization journey does not happen in one day but it is a gradual process.
Draft a business process flow .
Target the processes that bring the highest value to business.
Ensure that the digitalization always has a plan B that is paper process in case of no internet availability and client can always fall back to legacy solution.
Step by step convert digitalize each and every process
6 Step Journey
We embark an 6 step journey to help reach our customers goal.
Requirement gathering and process mapping
UX/UI Design
Agile Development
Application Testing
Go-Live, Marketing, SEO, Google Adwords and Analytics
Hypercare and optimization.
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