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What if i am not satisfied with the employee’s work?
We have an internal quality control department that is responsible for ensuring the highest level of customer service. If an employee’s work performance is not up to standard, we will work on rectification or employee replacement. The time in between the employee being paused and the new virtual employee being hired is counted, accrued, and credited to your account.
What hours and timings is the employee available to work?
Simply put, Digiklug employees are your employees. They work on your time and your schedule. We do however recommend that you work out personal schedules with your employees during the onboarding process.
How do I ensure that my employee has adequate resources to complete my work?
Digiklug has a $1,000 equipment budget allotted at the time of hiring to provide the employee with software and hardware to get your work done. We also provide stipended employee internet access at 200 Mb/ps to ensure that they are connected and available to you.
Can I request specific certifications or requirements?
Digiklug will try its best to ensure that your virtual employees are certified with all requirements listed by the client. If there are gaps in the employee’s certifications, Digiklug will create a timeline for the employee to attain the certifications and training required.
Digiklug offers open resources for employee learning. These include LinkedIn Learning, DataCamp, BritishCouncil English Courses, Coursera, and more.
How can I ensure that my employee is working?
Digiklug Virtual Employees are required to create weekly debriefs of their work done, as well as their plan for the coming week. This makes managing their work, setting benchmarks, and ensuring quality work easy.
Because your Virtual Employees plan and present their schedules and work goals, you as a manager can easily adjust their schedules and bring up concerns. The better your management process, the better your results from your Virtual Employee.
What is hiring a virtual employee as a service? Is the hire considered 1099?
Hiring a virtual employee as a service means hiring an overseas employee through Digiklug. The employee is not considered a 1099 and therefore, is not applicable for workers comp, payroll, etc.
Because the virtual employee is neither a 1099 nor w2, he/she is not bound by individual state laws in the USA.
What do Digiklug’s customer service and quality assurance do?
Digiklug’s customer service and quality assurance departments work hand in hand to ensure client satisfaction. QA constantly monitors KPIs to ensure employees are on task and schedule for assigned client work. Customer Satisfaction handles all customer concerns and addresses them swiftly with QA to ensure swift resolution.
Are there any hidden fees?
No. Digiklug has a flat agreed rate for each employee and does not hold clients responsible for employee bonuses or benefits. There are no hidden fees.
Is there a minimum contract length?
There is a minimum 90 days signing period for each work contract. However, clients have the ability to test out their employee’s capabilities for 3 days before signing.
What if I no longer need an employee?
We have a 30 day notice period to end any contract between you and
How do I communicate with my employee?
Employees integrate with your work operations, whether it be Slack, Teams, or something as simple as Messenger. We can also set up a US/UK local number for you to contact your employee if required. We also provide stipended employee internet access at 200 Mb/Ps to ensure that employees are connected and available to you.
How can I trust that my data is secure with Digiklug and its employees?
Digiklug takes several precautions to ensure that your data stays confidential. All employees sign NDAs with Digiklug and its clients. That means that legally, employees are obligated to protect confidential information from Digiklug as well as other individuals or organizations.
Virtual Employees connect to your servers via VPN, and or through Cloud, depending on how your organization is set up. Therefore, your security protocols transfer onto your virtual employee’s work.
Digiklug has a dedicated security team to monitor cyber security threats. This is an added level of security on your protocols to ensure that Digiklug treats your data with the utmost confidentiality.
Who can I hire?
You can hire a virtual assistant for just about any job that doesn’t require the physical presence of the employee. This includes but is not limited to Data Scientists, Cloud Architects, Accountants, Marketing Experts, Insurance Coders, Call Center Employees, etc.
How is hiring a virtual employee through Digiklug different from hiring by myself?
Digiklug is a technology partner with various companies such as Microsoft, Oracle, Amazon, Google, etc. This gives us access to a highly-skilled talent network. We couple this with our proprietary searching technologies to find highly skilled virtual employee candidates.
Digiklug Virtual employees undergo extensive behavioral testing before they are hired. This ensures that employees fit into client cultures.
Digiklug provides virtual employees with communication training to ensure the highest level of effective communication between clients.
Digiklug manages payroll for virtual employees so you don’t have to.
Digiklug allows you to hire employees as a service and pay through credit,
rather than cash.
How does my virtual employee’s pto policy work?
All Virtual Employees have a minimum 12 day PTO policy, accruing 1 day per month. An additional 5 days of sick leave is included, contingent on medical proof.
Virtual Employees are also subject to 12 national holidays in India, and the national holidays of their client’s country (20 days would be the total for US Clients).
What if I miss or delay a payment?
Digiklug accepts your first late payment with no penalty if it is within 3 days of the invoice due date. There is a 2% late fee that is charged to every late payment after the first. Failure to pay within the first 2 weeks of invoice due date results in termination and breach of contract.
Is there a setup fee?
No. Digiklug takes on the risk of recruiting and hiring so you don’t have to. We also allow you to test out an employee for 3 days before signing a contract for them. And the best part? It’s all FREE.
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