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DevOps at Digiklug

We at digiklug solutions endorse latest DevOps practises. This helps us leverage the power of DevOps tools and best industry practises. We believe in standardization and automation to get the job done. Below are the key factors we consider from acquiring to delivering a project. Determining the scope and scale of the project. Appropriate assesment

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing: A Brief Overview

What is “The Digital Marketing”? “Digital” is a very overwhelming word for many of us as the very first thing that comes to mind is “Internet”, “Social Media”,” Mass Media” etc….to name a few!!!Everybody on the planet, from the non-professional to the professional, is using the internet these days to share their ideas (LinkedIn, WhatsApp,

SP 2019 Service Accounts Planning

Sharing my experiences with Sharepoint was always my intention. Today I finally took the time to write down my thoughts, experiences, and issues I am experiencing as I attempt to build the SP2019 team site from scratch. For the last 11 years, our client has used SharePoint for content management and project management. All team

efendi bey

Digitalization of a Cafe and Patisserie in Germany

Before July 2017 a Cafe and Patisserie called Efendi Bey in the heart of the city of Hanover had no digital footprint except social accounts like Facebook and Instagram and we approached them to digitalize their business. Neither they nor had we thought that there would be ample opportunities in doing so. For a medium-size