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Software Conceptualization

Software conceptualization is the most important aspect of any software development. Our expert consultants have helped many companies in software conceptualization on large to small scale projects.

Our consultants have worked with tools like enterprise architect to conceptualize the software however now with the agile development we have been working with the user stories and the sketch design and flow charts. We conceptualize the applications and software in such a way that the customer gets an idea of what he is going to get. Software being an intangible product its very important to have proper concept as well as proper visualization of the end product.

We have done this several times and can be found on our website on the project section

Software conceptualization for an architecture firm in Middle East and a blockchain app in India were the first two conceptualization we undertook.

What does it entail ?

In Software conceptualization we offer following.
  • Requirement gathering
  • Documentation using tools or MS word and flow charts.
  • Sketch UI Protptype.